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Heart Month: Keep It In Good Shape!

Since February is Heart Month, we decided to discuss cardiovascular health, and give you tips and advice on how to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Having a strong heart is essential in order to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally. We are aware that seniors are generally more exposed to heart disease risks, which is why we’ve decided to tell you some ways on how to decrease the chances of developing a health problem.

How to Prevent Heart Diseases As We Get Older?

A healthy diet is definitely part of the right lifestyle to adopt, but physical activity is one of the most important parts when it comes to train the heart to become stronger. Exercising releases “happy chemicals” called Endorphins that are released in response to pain and stress, to help alleviate anxiety. It acts like an analgesic and diminishes your perception of pain. There are many safe activities for seniors that can be done to help keep the blood pumping, and that are fun as well!

Fun, Healthy and Easy Habits to Adopt!

At Billings Lodges Retirement Community in Ottawa, we recommend a 30-min of exercise per day, and provide a lot of different activities for you to get moving, which is a lot easier than you think! Here are some heart-friendly activities for you to try:

- Dancing! In our retirement home, you can play music and dance in the common areas. It helps to release endorphins but also another chemical called serotonin, which flows when you socialize with others, making you feel good and appreciated. Dancing with a partner and bringing people together for a good time, helps to release it while alleviating stress, which can cause heart diseases. Listening to music has also shown to have a therapeutic effect.

- Walking: You can go for a walk by yourself; going to the garden and listening to the birds chirping, or you can walk with another resident and have a good chat. Socializing and exercising can be done at the same time, which makes it more fun and enjoyable! You can also join an exercise group to stay motivated. Or you can create a “20 min-walk-and-talk” event everyday with other residents to get you moving.

- Playing games: Playing games like billiards or darts are other great examples that include socializing, exercising and having fun!

- Gardening: In our retirement home, one of our favourite past times is gardening. Gardening allows you be creative, let’s you be outside, and let’s you take in some fresh air, while still being mobile and active.

Laughing! Laughing is one of the common things that we can do to release your happy chemicals and reduce anxiety. Laughing about any topic will lighten your heart and alleviate stress. And it is a great exercise for your abs!

At Billings Lodge, we always try to find new ways to make you happy, healthy and in a good heart shape! Come and visit our happy home to see how we keep people active and heart-smart!

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