The difference between independent and assisted living

Are you considering moving into a retirement facility? If so, you’ll first need to determine what type of residence would be best suited to your needs. Would an independent living facility be able to provide you with the services you require? Or would an assisted living facility better meet your needs? Both offer services aimed towards providing retirees with an active lifestyle and strong community ties. The difference comes down to the level of care offered.

Independent living

In an independent living facility, functionally independent seniors live in apartment suites that often include a full kitchen. They also have access to the rest of the facility, where they can socialize with other residents and benefit from the many services offered.

At Billings Lodge Retirement Community, residents in our independent living apartments have access to a la carte options for housekeeping, transportation and meals.
Another option is for the residents that are able to live independently, but need a little help with everyday activities. This can include issuing reminders for taking medications, as well as cleaning, laundry and transportation services.

The retirement suites at Billings Lodge are aimed at mature adults who enjoy living on their own, but need some assistance with daily activities. Meals, personal care and housekeeping are all included in the monthly rent.

Assisted living

The assisted living arrangements are for people that have been diagnosed with dementia. Those people live in a secure floor in our residence, and benefit a particular care and attention. If you require specialized care, don’t hesitate to visit Billings Lodge in Ottawa and see the different options that are being offered.

Continuum of care

Retirement communities offering a continuum of care are the perfect choice for people who are tired of caring for their home, but who are still able to live independently.

Billings Lodge offers different types of living accommodations tailored to the changing physical, social and psychological needs people face as they grow older. This means that someone who finds them-self no longer able to live in one of our independent living apartments can simply move to a different part of our facility. This allows them to continue to socialize with the same people while benefiting from the care they need.

Independent and assisted living under one roof

Visit Billings Lodge today if you or a loved one is ready to move to a retirement community. Our seniors home offers both independent and assisted living programs. We also have a safe and secure environment for elderly people who require specialized dementia care. Call us today to find out more about our Ottawa home.
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