Alexandra Smith

Billings Lodge is 5 star. My father receives excellent care. I believe that everything that was written in the previous review to be absolute fabrication! My family and I have enjoyed many wonderful meals there , with abundant fresh fruit for dessert, and lots of variety. My two children said it was the best parmigiana they had ever had! The dining room is a wonderful place to eat with your loved ones. They are extremely accommodating to picky eaters which is definitely what my father is! Always offering him things that suit his taste. This New years we had a wonderful celebration which included live entertainment and party hats, blowers and more delicious trays of cheese and cold cuts, wine and fruit juice for a toast, and yummy cake. The staff went out of their way to entertain the residents and everyone in the building had lovely grins on their face. For me, this was a very special memory as it was probably the last Christmas/New year’s that my dad will remember and I am forever in Billings lodge’s gratitude for being part of that special memory that my children will have of their grandfather , laughing, singing and truly enjoying himself. The staff are extremely helpful. In November my father had a fall and the staff assisted him in every way possible. In my opinion they go above and beyond what they are required to do. The ladies at the desk are always so polite and smiley as his the head nurse. There are many activities to keep the residents happily engaged and the trivia questions are really hard at times! The entertainment coordinator is a gem and went around and wished each and every resident a happy new year at the party. I would recommend Billings Lodge to any family that is searching for a nurturing caring place to help look after their loved one. Alexandra Smith